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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Late this afternoon, Christy Humason, Samantha Hargett, and Heather Krauss returned to their dorm rooms and quickly discovered that something was not right. "I was convinced that I had walked into the wrong room," stated Krauss. The cause of this misconception: missing desk chairs, mixed up calenders, and switched folding seats. It wasn't long before the confiscated chairs were located, mix-ups straightened out, and a culprit determined.

Prime suspect.

Courtney Jesperson and her roommate Karissa Marken were soon convicted and retaliation was swift. Wanted posters appeared on the walls and a ransom note appeared where a certain saddle, guitar, and "Fat Charlie" bear had once been. When these two criminals returned and brought their ransome to the designated location, two masked women with hair dryer weaponry led them to their AWOL accessories.

And so, justice was served, laughes had, and one more April Fools' Day passed by.
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I do believe those is some liable accusations you made. I'm going to check with my lawyer to see what can be done…

9:18 PM  

So apparently I do not know my grammer. "…those is…"? I am ashamed to admit I made it college. Or, rather, my college is ashamed to admit they let me in.

9:20 PM  

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