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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go

Wow. It's been a long time. God is so good! There are many, many reasons, but this is the biggest one right now:

From left to right is Wes, Ashton, Andrew, Me and Allen, i.e. my Summer Ministry Team. These people are amazing! Last weekend the five of us traveled to Virginia to lead a middle school retreat as a sort of trial run before our 10 weeks of travel this summer. I can't even begin to describe what a good time I had. I hope that the middle schoolers got somthing out of the weekend; I know that I did. In fact, I was surprised at how completely refreshed I feel after chasing 11 to 14-year-olds for a weekend. A lot of it was the support of my team. We had quite a bit of time to spend together talking and praying and getting to know each other, which was great. I'm actually really glad that my team (the South team) had the longer drive. The 14+ hours that we spent in the van, especially the drive home, brought us all a lot closer. I cannot wait for this summer!

Andrew, the tumbling man, with Allen on his shoulders (and a few of the kids)

This is hard to see, but Allen (the one squatting in the middle) is teaching a bunch of the middle school guys in some military squad tactics. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more!

Allen and Wes, our music men, in the outdoor chapel where we had our final session with the middle schoolers Sunday morning.

Me and Ashton. I love this girl!

Thanks to Ashton for the pictures. I stole them off her Facebook. Updates to come, I hope!
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Oh I love you too!:) I am so glad we get to/have to have team time each week!:) YAY, I don't know if I could ever get too much of you guys...Hopefully I won't be taking that statement back this summer...I doubt it though!:)

11:23 PM  

by the way that was me A.K.A. Ashton

11:23 PM  

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