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Friday, January 05, 2007

Apparently my friends are of the sort that will not associate with me if I don't post things on my blog. It's true, I haven't posted anything in a long time. This is mostly because my days have consisted of the following:

Me: May I serve the next guest?
Customer: Yes. (long pause as they stare at the menu) Ummm... I think I'll take a number five.
Me: Would you like 8 or 12 nuggets?
Customer: Eight.
Me: What drink would you like with your combo?
Customer: Umm..... Iced tea.
Me: Sweetened or unsweetened?
Customer: Unsweetened.
Me: Would you like lemon in your tea?
Customer (internally): Why doesn't this person shut up, stop asking me questions, and just give me my food?
Customer (externally): No, thank you.
Me: Your total is $5.10.
(I get drink and food.)
Me (internally): I feel stupid asking so many questions.
Me (externally): Would you like some dipping sauce with your nuggets?
Customer: What kind do you have?
Me: Honey mustard, BBQ, polynesian, ranch, and buffalo.
Customer: Honey mustard and polynesian.
(I hand custsomer food and such.)
Customer: Thank you.
Me: My pleasure.

Now, take this scenario, give or take a few variations, repeat it dozens and dozens of times over again, and you have my Christmas break in a nutshell. Ho ho ho.
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