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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Of books and starfish

I watched the Bengals game right before going to bed last night, which probably accounts for a little bit of the strange brain activity that went on while I was sleeping. I had a dream that one of the Bengals needed a starfish transplant. They couldn't find a starfish for him, and everyone was worried that he was going to die. So one very generous little boy cut out his own starfist and tried to walk to the hospital to give it to this football player. He fainted from lack of blood on the way and woke up in the same room as the Bengal. By the time he woke up, a starfish had been found for the Bengals player, and he was well on his way to recovery, but the hospital people had lost the little boy's starfish. The last thing I remember before waking up was hearing a news anchor say, "There is a perfectly good 4lb starfish floating around out there somewhere."

Also in this dream was the fact that a friend of mine (though I don't recall who) had recently published a children's book with her sister. They randomly came up with a story one day, wrote it down, and it got published.

Anyone care to interpret that?
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The starfish represents a win, which the Bengals couldn't secure. You represent the kid, wanting to give the Bengals a win. However, you passed out and in the meantime the Bengals won the Super Bowl.

I'm the friend who got the children's book published, which means that one of my brothers is actually a girl. Who wants to fess up?

P.S. I bought a USA Today today for 75 cents and there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the game in it. What a waste of 75 cents.

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