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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hell's Bells, Jim, I almost puked up my livers!

Christmas is long over. As my Old Testament professor reminded us last Thursday, only eleven months to get ready for the next one! Still, for one reason or another, a certain Christmas song entered my head today and refuses to leave. I heard the bells on Christmas Day... But wait just a minute! I am remembering back, scanning my memory of this most recent Christmas day. There were no bells! I hear bells many, many times a day from the top of the admin building that pretends to be Big Ben, chiming the hour or the half hour. There is no song that I am aware of for such bells as these. What injustice! Being a good college student, perhaps I should start a rally of some sort. I could gather protesters with signs and maybe some poets and musicians to compose a song for my beloved but uncelebrated Asbury bells. Let the big holiday bells tremble at an everyday bell revolution. The everyday bells have nothing to lose but their anonymity. They have recognition to win. Everyday bells of all countries, unite!

Or someone could (please!) just get another song stuck in my head.
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