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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mall Days

My hair smells of Chick-Fil-A. Working every day in fast food really takes away from my motivation to take a shower, as cleaning seems pretty pointless if I'm just going to go get a grease-bath again the next day. Don't worry, though, I do actually shower on a regular basis, even if I don't feel like it. I woke up this morning and my hair was all clean and nice and cooperative, and then I had to put it in a ponytail and go to work. All I could think was, what a waste of a good hair day.

Still, working at the mall affords its share of entertainment. Yesterday I'm pretty sure I met Jimmy Stewart reincarnated. A customer also came up to me and asked very seriously if that had been Jerry Springer in the line next to her. I suppose it's possible, but no one (including the cashier of the line next to me) had noticed, so I didn't think it terribly likely.

There are always people selling strange things at kiosks in the mall, especially this time of year. One that has been there for several months is selling these little stuffed cats and dogs that "breathe." They're supposed to be wonderful for elderly people in nursing homes and college students who can't have pets in their dorms. I told the salesperson that my roommate and I are getting a plant first and I don't think we're realdy for the committment required to house a breathing stuffed dog. That might even be a step above a fish.

'Heeley's Amazing Flashing Rollers' is a more recent kiosk to pop up. These 'amazing flashing rollers' are a weird set of wheels that attach to the back of your shoe and blink when you roll on them. As I passed, the salesman, obviously of Indian descent and with mathcing accent, was telling a woman they would help her get around faster at work. I had to laugh at that. I imagine they would help her boss push her out the door more quickly as well.

I am being summoned for dinner. TTFN!
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I really think that you should not make fun of me for not posting every day. Look at you! You haven't written in weeks. I feel like I don't even know you anymore. Oh, the distance!

2:04 PM  

Hahaha. Sam makes me laugh. And I AGREE. What kind of a friend are you. If I can even still call you that...

2:06 PM  

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