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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Today I:

~Rocked out my PE exam
~Got Christmas blend Starbucks coffee from the library
~Finished my English paper a whole 17 hours before it is due
~Walked around campus with my lovelies and became quite sad that I'm leaving everyone tomorrow
~Talked for a couple of hours with a girl who has been in my NT class all semester, but I didn't get to know at all until I started seeing her in the library all the time to study this week
~Enjoyed a last hall dinner of the semester
~Studied New Testament by myself
~Studied New Testament with a big group in the library until the librarian came and told us that we were "having too much fun." I'm guessing that means we were too loud.
~Studied New Testament with Heather. (That's the only study session that's really going to help me with the test tomorrow.)
~Ate Lo Mein at 10:00 pm because Courtney wanted to order some and it's my last night here and I decided I wanted some too.
~Laughed a lot
~Am now sitting in Karissa and Courtney's room wishing that I didn't have to say goodbye to these amazing people for a month.

"So, if God tells you to kill someone... DON'T DO IT because there's no more harem commands!"

Some fun acronyms (without their explanations):

O Come All Jee Thankful!
Wiser Spirits Restrict

I think there were more. But I don't remember. I'm done studying. The rest is up to the grace of God and good vibes from my Koosh ball.
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