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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Opposites (and other, non-connected thoughts)

Sam and I have taken a number of personality assessments over the past few weeks. Every time we have been complete opposites. In the DISC assessment, I am a DI and she is a CS. In the Myers-Briggs, I am an ENFP and she is an ISTJ. It's rather amazing how two people who are so apparently function so differently can (1) get along so well and (2) have so much in common.

We put Christmas lights up in our room this evening; hopefully pictures of our festive decorating will soon follow.

I am FINISHED with my PE assessments! Although I know for sure that I just can't do sit-ups if someone is not holding my feet and doing push-ups makes my wrists hurt (which is why I never do them), I did manage to improve my time for running a mile and a half by nearly a minute. I went from 13:36 at the beginning of the semester to 12:38 yesterday. Although a large number of people still did a lot better than me, I'm quite happy with that time. I was not cut out to be an athelete.

Somehow it has gotten to be nearly 11:30 and I guess I'd tear myself away from my computer and go get ready for bed. Goodnight (and hopefully something resembling organized thought will appear here soon).
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Look how sad the Browns look down there... :(

I think you're the only one who took pictures with your eating utensil. Mine remained cozily snug on my desk here at school all weekend. My cat's allergic to rabbits?

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