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Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Joy of Online Videos

Let's say you're sitting on your friend's bed with your laptop, attempting to write a paper about how your PE class has improved your life. Now, perhaps your PE class has improved your physical, spiritual, and emotional health, but that still doesn't mean you want to write about it. So instead, you wander over to YouTube to look up some funny videos. First you come across this one:

"Bless me, bless me... teach me about John Wesley." Oh yes. This is some good Asbury fun.

But then, say, you tire of videos with such deep messages, so you turn to something that, somehow, is absolutely hilarious in its pointlessness:

This is followed by my personal favorite video of random hilarity, The Llama Song:

Kuzco would be proud.

And finally, for those of us who never had a boyband phase, but still enjoy a good parody now and then, The eBay Song:

These four videos completed, you finally realize that (amidst your asylumitic [Sam's word] laughter) you have succeeded in completing only a paragraph and a half of your PE reflection and had better go finish it before the kickoff of the Broncos game.
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