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Thursday, November 23, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving! I am enjoying the great American Thanksgiving pastime of watching way too much television. Commercials during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade are nearly as entertaining as Super Bowl commercials. I saw one in particular for a new ER episode that is showing this evening. Its creaters did their best to create a dramatic and emotional mood by playing "Broken Hallelujah." This, however, did not have the effect they had hoped, as it only reminded us viewers of Shrek. It's difficult to empathize with the poor dying person stuck in an airplane or something when a large green ogre keeps coming to mind.
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I THOUGHT THE SAME THING! (About the Hallelujah song.

Didja hear about the Broncos? Football is so emotional. I'm glad Sam wasn't here for this one.

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oops, I forgot a closing parenthesis.


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