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Sunday, July 30, 2006

#38 What Lizzy Learns

Jane: "Dear Lizzy, I am so glad you are home! Our mother's nerves are threatening to overwhelm her."
Elizabeth: "I will see her as soon as I bring my things in."

Jane: "Uncle, you will meet my father in London, won't you?"
Mr. Gardiner: "Don't you worry, Jane. I know London like the back of my hand. If they are there, we will find them."

Mrs. Bennet: "Oh Lizzy! I am so glad you are come home! Of course your uncle Gardiner will find my Lydia. For who else should it be? Who else but her own family? Oooh girls! My nerves... such flutterings and spasms all over me! Oh- Jane! My smelling salts! Ooohhhh!"
Elizabeth: "Mama, calm yourself! Papa and Uncle Gardiner have everything under control."
Mrs. Bennet: "Oh, but you must tell your uncle to find your father and make sure he does not fight Mr. Wickham! I am so afraid they will duel and Wickham will kill my poor husband and then those Collinses will come and turn us out in the cold. Ooooh Jane! Oooo Lizzy!"

Jane: "Elizabeth, how was your trip? Aunt Gardiner said you ran into Mr. Darcy! Was it very horrible?"
Elizabeth: "Oh Jane, don't worry about that now. I am very sure that none of us will ever see Mr. Darcy or his light saber ever again."
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Heh. You should put this together in a book form when you're all done. :P

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