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Sunday, July 30, 2006

#34 Mr. Darcy- Take Two (Enter Georgiana)

Mr. Darcy: "Miss Elizabeth! How long have you been in this part of the country? I mean- how are you? How is your family?"
Elizabeth: "We are all quite well, thank you. I am touring the country with my aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner."
Mr. Darcy: "Excellent. I hope you are having a pleasant trip. And your family are quite well?"
Elizabeth: "Yes, quite well."
Mr. Darcy: "Good. That's good. Excuse me."

Elizabeth: "Oh what he must think of me! I am such a fool for even coming here! We must leave immediately!"
Mrs. Gardiner: "Elizabeth, dear, when did you begin to care what Mr. Darcy thinks of you? But certainly, we shall leave directly."
Elizabeth: "Oh, I don't know, I don't know!"

Mr. Darcy: "Elizabeth, wait! *ahem* Wait! Please, I apologize for my abruptness. Have you been given a proper tour around the lake?"
Elizabeth: "No, I'm sorry, we have not seen the lake. But I'm afriad we must be going-"
Mr. Gardiner: "Nonsense, we have all the time in the world! Lead on, Mr. Darcy!"

Mr. Darcy: "Mr. Gardiner, do you enjoy fishing?"
Mr. Gardiner: "Well, er, I mean, I suppose. I don't eat much meat, though. I'm rather a vegetarian."
Mr. Darcy: "Ah yes, of course. How silly of me. I have a lovely carrot patch just over that hill yonder. You are welcome to enjoy my carrots any time you wish."
Mr. Gardiner: "Why thank you! What a capital fellow!"
Mr. Darcy: "Miss Elizabeth, there is one among the party just arrived at Pemberly who especailly wishes to meet you. May I have the pleasure of introducing you to my sister, Georgiana?"
Elizabeth: "Yes, I would like that very much."

Elizabeth: "Georgiana, it is such a pleasure to meet you. I have heard so many good things about you! I understand you are quite an accomplished pianist."
Georgiana: "Thank you, Miss Elizabeth. My brother is too kind in his appraisal of me. I cannot play half as well as he says *you* play."
Elizabeth: "Me? Why I don't know where your brother gets such ideas."
Georgiana: "My brother is never wrong."

Mr. Darcy: "Miss Bennet, Mr and Mrs Gardiner, my sister and I were wondering if you would care to dine with us at Pemberly while you are here. Would tomorrow evening be alright?"
Mr. Gardiner: "Certainly, good sir! We would love to dine with you and your lovely sister!"
Mr. Darcy: "Excellent! I shall have an especially grand carrot dish prepared for you, sir."
Mr. Gardiner: "Capital!"
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