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Sunday, July 30, 2006

#32 More Technical Difficulties

The internet is working fine now, but I can't get Blogger to upload my pictures. I'm afraid that Pride and Prejudice might have to wait another half hour. In the mean time, I have to think of something else to say. Hmm.

Mia, my cat, has been helping me out all day. For her, the blogathon goes something like this:

6:34- Wake up Christy. This is 4 minutes past the time that Christy usually gets up and she is LATE LATE LATE!
6:35- Refuse to leave the room when Christy gets up to open the door.
7:30- Wake Christy up again. Leave the room this time.
8:45- Follow Christy around while she gets ready to post her first blog entry.
Most of the morning- walk around, batting at Legos and other random things Christy has set out for her photo shoots.
Noonish- Try to eat Christy lunch
4:00ish- jump up on Christy's photo set in the middle of the ball scene
5:00ish- Lean over the edge of cat perch to watch oddly-moving things on Christy's computer screen. Try to jump on computer without Christy noticing
7:00ish- try as hard as possible to type my own blog entry; attempts thwarted by Christy who blocks the keyboard and pushes cat off desk
8:00ish- return to perch above computer screen.
9:00ish- collapse on the floor looking exhausted. It's been a long day. Periodically get up and collapse somewhere else for dramatic effect.
9:30 on- get up and follow Christy every time she moves: it's time for a bedtime snack
12:00- start to get annoyed that Christy is not going to bed. Get in her way as much as possible, especially when she is trying to take pictures. Make sure to reflect the light in as odd a way as possible so that the photo turns out looking like a picture of a plastic cat.
12:30 on- repeat earlier steps as necessary.
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