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Sunday, July 30, 2006

#35 The First Yawn

Yipes! I just yawned for the first time. I also just turned on the TV for the first time. I've been taping episodes of Sue Thomas: FBEye on "i" for the past two weeks. It's good late night entertainment. If I were in charge of giving an award for the stupidest commercials, I would give it to the "i" channel. Independent Television, stupid commercials. These include:

A guy selling some "super-duper" vitamin. Throughout the commercial are people who (obviously scripted) ask "Free? They're really giving away a free bottle?" "Free?! It must be good!"

Dr. Franks super joint pain stuff. For $19.95 you can have a bottle of some stuff you spray in your mouth that's supposed to heal any ache or pain you have.

A plethora of weight-loss products. The worst of these is probably one of a wife of a soldier who lost weight while he was in Iraq. Don't ge me wrong, I have the upmost respect for our troops in Iraq, but this guy is not an actor and neither is his wife and I don't care how much weight they've lost, they don't need to waste our time by being on TV

A rather odd actress talking about the Sleep Number Bed. She has a really funny way of talking that I find pretty annoying.

Some medicine for men with high blood pressure that leads to ED. I don't particularly want to hear about that.

Oh! And the worst one is "Bill Keller her eto tell you about Live Prayer." Apparently there's some show on really late where they pray, live on tv. What bothers me is that guy SO looks like he's mocking when he says it. The way he moves and talks just makes me shudder. Ick.

That's why I tape the show: I can fast forward through the commercials.
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