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Sunday, July 30, 2006

#33 Lizzy and the Gardiners Take a Trip

Mrs. Gardiner: "Lizzy you simply must come with us when we go on our trip to the countryside. You look a bit peaked lately. The fresh air and change of scenery will do you some good."
Elizabeth: "I would love to come, for what are men to rocks and mountains!"
Mr. Gardiner: "When were we talking about men?"
Elizabeth: "I don't know, but doesn't that sound profound?"

"Merrily we roll along..."

"Roll along..."

"Roll along..."

All: "ooOOOOooo"
Elizabeth: "Whose house is that?"
Mrs. Gardiner: "Don't you know? That's Pemberly, Mr. Darcy's house."
Elizabeth: "Mr. Darcy?!"
Mr. Gardiner: "Yes, certainly. Shall we inquire to the housekeeper about a tour?"
Elizabeth: "But- is the family at home?"
Mrs. Gardiner: "Oh, certainly not this time of year."
Elizabeth: "Well, I guess that would be okay."

Housekeeper: "And this was Mrs. Darcy's favorite room. Shall I take you to the gallery? There are some lovely paintings of my master in there. He's such a good guy. Not only tall, dark and handsome, but so good and gentle and generous. Not another like him in all the world."
Mrs. Gardiner (to Lizzy): "This is not at all like the report we heard of him. What do you make of it, Lizzy?"
Elizabeth: "Perhaps we were deceived."
Mrs. Gardiner: "Yes, perhaps."

Housekeeper: "And there is my master. Is he not a fine-looking young man?"
Elizabeth: "He certainly is."
Mrs. Gardiner: "But who is that other fellow? He looks familiar."
Housekeeper: "That? Oh, that is Mr. Wickham. He was a particular favorite of the elder Mr. Darcy, but he has turned out to be very wild indeed. A sad story, his is."
Mrs. Gardiner: "Here again, we hear such different reports!"

Elizabeth: "Thank you for the tour. This house will always have a special place in my heart."
Housekeeper: "You are most welcome."
Mrs. Gardiner: "Let's walk back to the carraige now."

Elizabeth: "Mr. Darcy!"
Mr. Darcy (at the sametime): "Miss Elizabeth!"
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YAY! You got them loaded! This is the best ever! I can't understand why they haven't featured you! :D

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