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Sunday, July 30, 2006

#36 Lizzy Gets Bad News

Elizabeth: "Aunt, would you mind terribly if I stayed behind? I haven't had a letter from Jane in weeks and I would really like to read this one."
Mrs. Gardiner: "No problem. Mr. Gardiner and I will walk to the church and check back for you in an hour."
Elizabeth: "Thank you."

Dear Lizzy, I'm afraid I have bad news. Do not be alarmed; we are all well. It is only Lydia's foolishness. In her thoughtlessness she has eloped, has thrown herself into the mercy, of Mr. Wickham. We had at first thought they had gone to Scotland, but now we fear that they are not married at all and are instead hiding in London. Our father has gone to town to look for them and he sends word for our Uncle Garniner to meet him there as soon as possible. Our mother is quite beside herself with worry. Please, Lizzy, come home as soon as you are able. Your dear sister, Jane.

Elizabeth: "Of course! Of course we must leave at once. Aunt! Uncle!"

Elizabeth: "Mr. Darcy!"
Mr. Darcy: "Miss Bennet! Elizabeth, are you alright? You look distressed. How can I- Is there anything I can do?"
Elizabeth: "I must find my aunt and uncle right away."
Mr. Darcy: "Yes, certainly."

Mr. Darcy: "Miss Elizabeth, please, what happened?"
Elizabeth: "It's Lydia. She has run off with Mr. Wickham. They are hiding in London. Oh, Mr. Darcy, what am I to do?"
Mr. Darcy: "I knew I should have lopped his head off while I had the chance! What is being done to find him?"
Elizabeth: "My father has gone to London and requests that my uncle meet him there as soon as possible."
Mr. Darcy: "I fear you have long been desiring my absence. I will send you aunt and uncle this way if I see them."

Elizabeth: "Aunt! Uncle! Oh what a mess this is! Oh what he must think of me now. Oh dear, oh dear!"
Mrs. Gardiner: "Don't worry, dear, your uncle will take care of everything. Let's back up and go home."
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