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Saturday, July 29, 2006

#30 More Stuff Happens

Elizabeth: "I have returned! It is so good to see my own nutty family again! There are all sorts of craziness, but none so great as that of your own family."
Bennets: "Welcome home Lizzy!"

Lydia: "Oh, but Lizzy, we are all in terrible distress!"
Mary: "Well, you are."
Kitty: "Lizzy, the officers have gone! They have all gone to Brighton!"
Lydia: "There'll be nothing to do without our officers!"
Kitty and Lydia: "Whaaaaaaaaaahaaahaaa!"
Kitty: "Mightn't we go to Brighton, Papa?"
Lydia: "Oh, please, Papa?"
Mr. Bennet: "Absolutely not."

Lydia: "Wheeeee! I am the luckiest girl in the world!"
Kitty: "What? What is it?"
Lydia: "I have been invited to Brighton as Mrs. Forster's *particular* friend!"
Kitty: "It's not FAIR! *sob, sob*"

Elizabeth: "Honestly, Papa, you can't let her go! Don't you see she'll only make a fool of herself and of us?"
Mr. Bennet: "Nonsense. Lydia will never be happy until she has thoroughly exposed herself, and no other time will she be able to do it with so little inconvenience to us."
Elizabeth: "But there is more at stake here than only Lydia's reputation!"
Mr. Bennet: "Don't worry, Lizzy. Everything will be fine. Lydia will go and come back happy and no one will be worse for it."

Lydia (sing-songy): "I'm going to Brighton, I'm going to dance with the officers!"
Kitty: *weeping and wailing*
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