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Sunday, July 30, 2006

#37 Former All-Nighters

I'm giving up all pretense of thought in these in-between P&P entries. Now I'm just trying to stay alert. I've stayed up for 24 hours three times before in my life. The first was in middle school, 6th grade, I think. Jake, Brittany, and I went to a lock in with the what I think was the Vineyard, but may have been ECC. I don't really remember, especially at 3:00 in the morning. We played raquetball and ate pizza and swam and talked the whole night. It was a blast. I went rock climbing for the first time that night, if I remember correctly. The second time was at afterprom junior year and the third at afterprom senior year. Other than the fact that I'm pretty much alone in the wee hours of this one, I'd say Blogathon tops the other three.

I've got both dogs in here with me, but they're asleep. I'm gonna go find the cat before my next post, as she's a little more lively. And then I'll do some jumping jacks.

Anyone know what time Panera opens on Sunday mornings?
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Have you tried taking a shower in between posts? I just did that - I feel a lot more awake now!

3:22 AM  

Yup, showers are good and so is just getting up and moving around a bit. :)

3:23 AM  

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