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Saturday, July 29, 2006

#27 False Alarm!

I have just heard that the scheduled Blogger downtime was a false alarm and I will, in fact, be on Blogger all night. However, if there does happen to be some problem at any time I will switch over to my Xanga as I stated before.

The wrists are starting to act up a bit, so this will be short so that I can wear the braces for a bit before my next P&P entry.

Current Status-
Listening to: "When I Go Down," Relient K
Watching: Nothing yet. The TV is going on soon
Drinking: Still lots o' water
Wearing: same as before, plus the wrist braces
Sitting: still in the family room on my card table chair
Eating: nothing (I had a brownie a little bit ago, though)
Mia (the cat) is: sniffing out the little knitted blanket that I started and Mom finished that is not in an Amazon.com box
I: am enjoying myse
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