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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Peanut Butter, Pretzles, Pajamas, and Psychology

A jumble of ramblings that make this blog live up to its name:

I was reflecting today on the fact that when I was home I very rarely put my pjs on before I was actually about to go to bed, but here sometimes I put them on at 7:30 or before and think nothing of it. It's quite lovely, actually.

There is a difference between pj pants and lounge pants. If I'm wearing lounge pants, the drawstring is tied; if they're pj pants, it is not tied. Never mind the fact that the same pair of pants fill both rolls.

I'm nearly out of pretzles. I think I shall have to go to IGA this week and remedy that. Pretzles dipped in peanut butter is pretty much my favorite snack ever. The pretzles that I have left are small pieces that, while still quite tasty, are not conducive to peanut butter dipping.

I have a psychology test tomorrow that I (as of 9:24 Sunday evening) have actually studied for! Don't get me wrong, I do generally study for my psychology tests (which we have usually every four class periods). Most of the time, however, my studying takes place from 12-12:45 before my 1:00 class. Not the best study habit, I imagine, but when it stops paying off, I'll stop doing it. Bad philosophy, I know. But it's working.

My current dilemma: Do I get up at 6:30 tomorrow morning to take a shower, or do I put my hair up tomorrow and take a shower tomorrow evening? Oi.

This is Amadeus, discovered and named by Courtney and Amy, who got loose in the courtyard about a month ago. I managed to catch her and took her outside, where she sat in my arms for half an hour or so. I just found one of Mia's whiskers on my floor. I've found several of them since being here, mostly stuck on my blankets and all the clothes she slept on as I was packing. I miss my kitty, and I was very glad Amadeus came along when she did to give me a kitty fix.

Alright, I'm finished. My bed is calling me. Dormite bene.
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