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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Y is for Yay! I declared a major!

I am now officially an Applied Communications major. I had planned to wait to declare, as I have a tendency to change my mind, but I'm pretty sure I'll stick with this, as it's what I keep coming back to. Someone told me that majors have priority for classes in that department (which makes perfect sense), so I decided to declare in hopes of making sure I get into the communications class I signed up for (which is a prerequisite for nearly every other comm class).

For those who wish to ask, as nearly everyone does (straight from the Asbury College Bulliten):

The APPLIED COMMUNICATION MAJOR, through a study of both ancient traditions
and contemporary ideas of communication, helps students develop the communication
skills essential for building basic human relations, ensuring vocational
success, and improving feelings of self-worth. It has been demonstrated that students
become more fully developed critical thinkers and forceful persons to the degree that
they have learned and practiced speechmaking and other oral communication skills.
Majors in this program may select from four areas of concentration: public relations,
studies in communication, leadership, and theatre.

I like that not only will I improve my communication skills, but also my "feelings of self-worth." Haha.

Also, Karissa Marken is my hero because she showed me how to set up Mail to work with my Asbury email address. The guy at the help desk, who apparently does not know what he is talking about, told me that was not possible. No more Microsoft Entourage! If it were possible, I would burn it.
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