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Monday, July 31, 2006

P&P: Reconciliation

Kitty: "Look, here come Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy again."
Mrs. Bennet: "Oh girls! Oh Mr. Bingley! Hooray!"

Mr. Bingley: "Miss Bennet, I wonder if you and your sisters might like to go for a stroll about the countryside with Darcy and myself."
Mrs. Bennet: "Oh what a lovely idea! Of course they would!"
Mary: "My time is much better spent practicing, thank you."
Jane: "The rest of us will go with you."

Kitty: "Lizzy, would it be alright if I stopped here to call on Maria Lucas?"
Elizabeth: "Yes, I suppose that would be alright."

Elizabeth: "Mr. Darcy, you must allow me to thank you on behalf of my family for what you did for Lydia. If they only knew how indebted we are to you..."
Mr. Darcy: "Please... If you thank me let it be for yourself only. I believe I thought only of you."
Elizabeth: "We should catch up with Jane and Mr. Bingley."
Mr. Darcy: "No, let them go on ahead."

Mr. Darcy: "My aunt paid me a visit while she was here, shortly after her visit to you, I believe."
Elizabeth: "Mr. Darcy-"
Mr. Darcy: "It taught me to hope as I never dared to hope before. If your feelings are what they were last April, let me know at once. My feelings and wishes are unchanged."
Elizabeth: "I... Mr. Darcy, my feelings are so much different from what they were then that... I believe they are now quite the opposite."

Elizabeth: "But there is one thing."
Mr. Darcy: "What's that?"
Elizabeth: "I... don't think I could ever marry someone who carries a light saber. It's just a little freaky. I mean, your general gentlemanly charm is overpowering, but the creapy glowing weapon kind of cancels it out."
Mr. Darcy: "I've carried this since I was a boy. It was a gift from my father. He told me to use it to keep Wickham in line. I guess I don't really need it anymore. Just the thought of me strikes fear in the heart of Mr. Wickham now."

Elizabeth: "You mean you would give it up for me?"
Mr. Darcy: "I would do anything for you, Miss Elizabeth."
Elizabeth: "Oh Fitzy! May I call you Fitzy?"
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