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Sunday, July 30, 2006

#44 The Rainbow

What I see around me in the following colors:
Red- candle on the mantle, wrist support pad things for the keyboard and mouse
Orange- the post-it notes I used to label all the P&P characters, burned CD on the piano
Yellow- Lego heads, squeaky baseball chew toy
Green- bin full of legos, notebook and folders on the school shelf (my siblings both homeschool and I did before I graduated)
Blue- the background of my blog, wrap-around leg weights
Purple- more weights and a Polly Pocket dress
Pink- another candle on the mantle, Barbie clothes box
Black- Remote control, treadmill, guitar case
Brown- carpet, bookcase
White- my laptop, the table I'm working on
Silver- my camera, pair of scissors
Gold- one of my rings, the dog's fur
Clear- water glass
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