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Sunday, July 30, 2006

P&P: What Mr. Darcy Did

Mr. Bennet: "I've just had a letter from Mr. Gardiner. He has found Lydia and Wickham and they are married."
Mrs. Bennet: "Ooh, my Lydia! I always knew she would marry well! I'm so proud of her! And Wickham for a son! I couldn't be happier."
Elizabeth: "Mama, please! Don't you realize that Lydia has still greatly disgraced herself and us?"
Mrs. Bennet: "Lizzy, how can you think of something so droll as that when dear Lydia is married!"

Jane: "Papa, what is it? What are you not telling us?"
Mr. Bennet: "I can't imagine what your uncle must have done to get Wickham to marry Lydia. He agreed for so small a price on my part... Gardiner must have paid him a fortune. How am I ever to repay him?"

Lydia: "Oh Lizzy, if only you could have been there! It would have been a lovely wedding, except so few people were there! Just the two of us and Aunt and Uncle Gardiner and that horrid Mr. Darcy."
Elizabeth: "Mr. Dacry?! Why was Mr. Darcy at your wedding?"
Lydia: "Oh, but I forgot! It was supposed to be such a secret! No one was supposed to know! My goodness, Lizzy, you musn't tell anyone."

Dear Aunt Gardiner, Lydia let something slip yesterday and I just cannot rest until it is explained to me. Please, how is it that Mr. Darcy of all people came to be at her wedding?

My Dear Lizzy, If you are indeed in the dark about Mr. Darcy's involvement, let me enlighten you immediately. Darcy came to meet my husband shortly after we arrived home in London. He told us that with his connections, he could discover Wickham's whereabouts with little difficulty. He succeeded in doing this, but did not stop there. He went on to provide a handsome sum to Wickham as Lydia's dowry to pay for the entire wedding. Nothing would be done that he did not do himself, leaving your uncle to do nothing but take credit for Darcy's generosity. Lizzy, I am afraid we were all completely deceived in our original judgements of Mr. Darcy. He is indeed the very best sort of man. Even with his light saber obcession.

Elizabeth: "Oh my goodness!"
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