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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Post 'thon

If I hit a wall around 7:00, I definitely got my second wind around 9:00. I think it was the coffee. I went to church and said hi to everyone at Cafe before going hope and attempting to sleep for about 4 hours. It would have been longer, but I kept waking up. At least the cat came up and slept next to me. I think she was worn out after being up all night too. ;)

My internet is temporarily (hopefully more than temporarily!) back in action. I've finished taking all my P&P pictures and will do my best to get the rest of the story up before I collapse at the end of the day. To tide you over until I get the story up, here is the picture of my grilled cheese sandwich:

And here is Mia and me having some fun after everyone else went to bed last night. Actually, it is me having fun and Mia just sort of going along for the ride/

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