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Saturday, July 29, 2006

#7 Garage Sale Finds

Possibly the best part of working a "real" job is having Saturdays off. *Every* *single* *Saturday* I get to do things that are not work! I love it. One of my favorite things this summer has been going to garage sales. Sadly I don't think I'll get to visit any today, but here are some of my best finds over the past two months or so:

  • Old Navy suede-ish winter coat- $1

  • Almost brand new roller blades that fit me perfectly- $2

  • Pair of white socks- free with the roller blaces

  • Semi-old but practically unused iced tea maker- $5

  • Lots and lots of books- .10-.25 each

  • Drying rack- $3

  • Assorted tools- large box for $3

  • Purple phone for my dorm room- $2.50

  • If only I had known that I was going to be using little dolls and figurines for Blotathon! I could have stocked up at any number of action figures and such at garage sales last week!

    Don't pay too much attention to the times it says I post. I'm trying to change them to when I actually post, but much of the time I forget and it says the time I started writing instead.

    Also, people keep pointing out my spelling mistakes. This is perfectly acceptable; keep pointing them out. I don't promise to fix them, however, as I'm just typing whatever comes out and posting quickly so that I have time to look at other blogs and do other important things like eat.
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    OK, I'm the biggest fan of my iced tea maker. It makes it so much easier to enjoy some yummy goodness. Otherwise, I'm all about putting a glass jar out on the porch for a half a day and making sun tea. What can I say? I'm southern!

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