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Friday, July 28, 2006

Shortly after signing up for Blogathon, I contacted the Cincinnati Enquirer, World Magazine, and WAKW. I figured that the worst they could do was nothing, which is definitely what they would do if I did not contact them. I don't know if WAKW ever acted on my email, as I haven't been able to listen much because of work. World Magazine posted an excerpt of my email on their blog, which is what I was going for (although they didn't link to the Blogathon website as I had hoped). But best of all, the Cincinnati Enquirer printed an article in today's paper. I know I've said it a zillion times, but I am completely astounded at how my little whim has taken off. I have seen God working in so many ways in the past week and a half... I am just speechless.

Yesterday the Blogathon t-shirt I ordered came. Now I'm official. Or something.

Enjoy your Friday and come visit me in the morning! I'll be going to bed early this evening...

By the way, Blogger people, you might want to add the word "blog" to your spell-check dicionary.
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