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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I googled myself this morning, just for fun. That's probably narcissistic of me, but (perhaps) to my credit, I've never done it before.

The first result was, fortunately, this website, followed by a link to the Jr. Leader page at NorthminsterStudent.net. After this is the link I find most amusing. Apparently my 16th birthday was announced on a website that I did not know existed for the youth group that I attended in middle school. By my 16th birthday I'm willing to bet that the majority of the youth group no longer even knew who I was. Next I am listed in two different copies of the Finneytown Music Parents news letter: once for performing a violin solo at the 2005 OMEA Solo & Ensemble contest and once in a list of students in non-Finneytown music groups (BAYSO, in my case). This is followed by three different versions of Henry's link page. Finally, I am listed in Northminster's newsletter as a musician in 2005 worship services and as a registered member of the nearly-memberless Northminster Youth Forums.

A search using 'Christina' instead of 'Christy' brings up an old list of National Merit Semifinalists on the Yappi Sports (whatever that is) message board.

I now have the satisfaction of knowing I am the most famous "Christy Humason" in the world (and quite possibly the only one). I hope I don't marry someone with a boring last name like 'Smith.' Even though people mispronounce it, I like having a rather original name.
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