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Saturday, July 29, 2006

#5 My Journal Obcession

I am obcessed with journals. I have been writing every day since I was ten and have accumulated a huge collection. The following is a description of each journal and where I got it:

1. Small Winnie the Pooh journal; got one for Becky for Christmas and bought one for myself at the same time (from the Disney store)
2. Blue with hot air balloons all over it; I think this came from Borders or something, but I don't quite remember.
3. Black with the American Girl logo in different colors all over it; a Christmas gift from my parents.
4.Pink with pawprints and pictures of kittens on it; in my Easter basket
5.Purple with WWJD on the front; another Christmas gift
6.Precious Moments with a lock; Birthday gift from Sarah M.
7.Navy blue with a heart-shaped balloon I drew on the front; bought at Waldenbooks with some friends
8.Thomas Kinkade painting; gift for some occasion (Easter?)
9. Yellow with three beach scenes on the front; bought on vacation to the Outer Banks, NC
10.Blue with a picture of a hill and some trees in the middle. Around the picture it says, "The Journey is often better than the Destination"; I think I bought this at Walmart
11. A picture of a lighthouse against a cloudy sky with "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path" at the top; another Walmart find.
12. Different colors of tissue paper pasted on the cover with "Journal" written in the middle; I made this one at a point when I was broke.
13.Blue with a vase of daisies in the middle; one of my favorites, found at Walmart
14. A red composition book with a plastic cover; from another time I was broke, bought at either Walmart or Kroger
15.A green and blue plaid design with a daisy in the middle, says "God is Love" above the flower; Walmart (see a pattern here?)
16.Pink and green with pots of flowers drawn on it, says "God is Love" at the top; gift for some occasion that I forget
17. clouds on a blue sky, says "journal" on front; a buck at the dollar store
18. Purple with a kitten in a flower pot that says "Thyme" in the middle; Christmas gift.
19. Little denim-covered journal with a heart-shaped American flag made of sequins in the middle; my grandma found it in her closet.
20.Green with leaves on it; at a stationery outlet store
21. Ugly red cloth cover with ugly flowers on it; another from Grandma's closet
22.Green blue and purple with some flower buttons on it; from the same trip to the outlet mall as #20
23. Marbled blue and purple with blue gilding on the paper; from Waldenbooks
24.Pink with a flower in the middle; a dollar on clearance from a craft store
25. tan with a picture of a bee hive in the middle; Christmas gift
26. Pink with a dark pink flower in the middle; another on clearance from the craft store
27. A very cool picture from the Book of Kells on the front; birthday gift from Deena
28.Purple and yellow with a picture of a leafless tree in front of a sunset, says "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."
29.Tan/Brown with a drawing of two kittens in a paper bag; Christmas gift from my parents.
30. Black and white photo of a kitten sniffing a flower; Christmas gift from my grandma
31. (currently writing in this one) Black and white photo of a kitten; Christmas gift from my grandma
32.Blue with a photo of an ice-covered tree in the middle, says "winter"; bought at Half-Price Books with a gift card that was a graduation present from my violin teacher
33.Green with purple flowers on the front; my grandma bought it for me at Target
34.Extremely cool brown leather-ish cover with a metal plate in middle that says "Journal"; Birthday gift from my parents. (it even came in a box)
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