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Saturday, July 29, 2006

#3 Of Colors and Food

This was lovely Becky's idea and I wanted to do it early in case she happens to see it before she leaves for vacation. A list of people/characters and the color/food they make me think of.

Tom Cruise- Red, egg rolls
Lisa (my sister)- pink, pine nuts
Sleeping Beauty- pink, apples
Kiera Knightely- purple, greasy drumsticks (like in POTC)
Prince Charming (of the disney variety)- blue, dry cereal
Mia (the cat)- Black, cat food
Barbie- Pink, anorexia
Meg Ryan-yellow and white, tea
Tom Hanks-Green, honey ("Honey?" "Uh, yes.")
Catherine Zeta-Jones- Black, cherries
Julia Roberts-orange, carrots
Matt Damon-red, graham crackers
Mulan- red, rice
Pocahontas (that one's for you, Heather, have you fallen off the face of the earth?)-purple, corn
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