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Saturday, July 29, 2006

#1 Good morning!

Let the fun begin!

I have typed out (nearly) my entire schedule of posts for today, though I am quite certain that I won't completely follow that schedule. What I do plan to follow closely are my plans for a somewhat unorthodox retelling of Pride and Prejudice using my digital camera and whatever small figurines I could find around the house in the past couple of days. I only have to apologize not only am I not the world's best photographer, but my camera also took quite a beating in New Mexico last summer and hasn't been used for much since, as it doesn't focus very well anymore.

Pride and Prejudice installments will be posted on the half hours (barring all unexpected incidents) with posts on some of the plethora of ideas that people have given me (and some I've come up with on my own) that I have on my list. Most are not very serious (but then, do I ever write anything serious here?)

I got nearly 10 hours of sleep last night, getting up just in time to write my first post. I'm not quite awake yet. I'm off to go get dressed, eat some breakfast, and get ready for my first P&P installment.

Thank you to all my amazing sponsors and good luck to my fellow Blogathoners!
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Oh, I've never seen anything like what you're planning, so I'm looking forward to what you have in store!

Thanks for the well wishes! Good luck to you, too. :-)

9:12 AM  

Haah! That is gonna rock! Can't wait to see them!

9:23 AM  

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