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Saturday, July 29, 2006

#24 Mr. Darcy Comes to Rosings

Lady Catherine: "I am so glad you are all here. My nephews are coming to visit and it is always so lovely to have large parties."
Elizabeth: "Yes, I can see how you would enjoy them."
Lacy Catherine: "I have such wonderful relatives."

Mr. Darcy: "Good day Aunt. I am glad to see you in good health."
Lady Catherine: "Still carrying that light saber, I see. Never quite could grow up, eh boy?"
Colonel Fitzwilliam: "Let him be, Auntie. He is twice the gentleman of anyone else, even with that silly stick."
Mr. Darcy: "Watch what you say, Cousin, it's a pretty painful stick."

Elizabeth: "Mr. Darcy seems very well pleased with himself today, Colonel Fitzwilliam."
Colonel Fitzwilliam: "Yes, I believe he is congratulating himself on preventing his friend from entering into a very unfortunate match."
Elizabeth: "Unfortunate! In what way?"
Fitzwilliam: "I believe there was some objection to the lady's family. She has some very silly sisters, it seems."
Elizabeth: "Who am I to argue with that?

Elizabeth: "How is your sister, Mr. Darcy? As proficient as ever on the piano?"
Mr. Darcy: "Yes, I believe she is. Is it true that you play, Miss Elizabeth?"
Elizabeth: "Only a little and very ill."
Lady Catherine (evesdropping): "What's this? You play piano? Miss Bennet, I simply must hear you play!"

Colonel Fitzwilliam: "And how does my dear cousin behave outside his family circle, Miss Elizabeth?"
Elizabeth: "Are you sure you wish to hear? You may find yourself quite shocked."
Fitzwilliam: "Is that so? Darcy, what have you been up to?"
Elizabeth: "I first met Mr. Darcy at a ball where he danced only four dances although gentleman were scarce and more than one woman was required to sit out."
Fitzwilliam: "Scandalous!"
Darcy: "I have not the talent, as some do, of interacting easily with strangers."
Elizabeth: "My fingers do not move as easily across these piano keys as they could, but I have always thought that to be my own fault becaue I would not take the time to practice."
Fitzwilliam: "I think she's gotcha there, cuz."
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