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Friday, April 07, 2006

A Jumble

1. I was going to give a senior recital on May 13th. Just me. I was playing 5 pieces, hopefully all from memory. However, due to an uncooperative wrist, I will not be able to prepare those 5 pieces in time to play them on May 13. This, surprisingly, makes me very sad.

2. Ever since I got rear ended several weeks ago I get a bitter taste in my mouth any time something startles me. Is that weird?

3. A large group of my friends left me today to go to Europe. I'm working on forgiving them for leaving me to work my ENTIRE spring break. One of my managers had surgery today, so I'm working extra to fill in for her next week. Joy. If you are my friend and you ARE still in the country, talk to me.

4. I went to Lisa's dance and choir recital today. The choir was pretty good. The dance part was extremely long. There were three groups who basically just had a half hour class (each) in front of the audience. The teacher is an older woman who has very skinny legs and wore a green, turtle-neck leotard that zipped up the back, and black leggings. I had never thought about it before, but I am now of the opinion that love handles and leotards do not mix. This teacher has been teaching dance for a long time. From the sound quality of the music, I would guess that she's been using the same cassette tape for as long as she's been teaching. (Fortunately, she seemed to be a very good teacher. Even the 3-year-olds knew what they were doing, even if their dancing wasn't as graceful as it will be in a few years.)

5. The church where this recital was had an espresso cafe called "Wholly Grounds." I found this very amusing, although the rest of my family didn't appreciate it quite as much.

6. I graduate in 43 days.

7. I like that my new purse is big enough to carry a notebook in. Now, providing circumstances allow, I can write down my observations as they occur rather than storing them in my brain and more often than not forgetting about them before I get to my journal.

8. I do not get to sleep late a single day of my "spring break."

9. "Remembering, everything, about my world and when you came. Wondering, the change you’d bring, means nothing else would be the same. Did you know, what you were doing, did you know. Did you know how you would move me well, I don’t really think so." (stuck in my head)

10. I'm going to see a for real Broadway show at the Aranoff! It's not Wicked, but I'll settle for Les Miserables. I really have tickets this time. No more "someday, I hope..." : )

11. And that's all there is. There isn't any more.
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