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Friday, March 24, 2006

Sharp Top Cove

Here I am in Georgia, for the first time. I feel like such a northern girl here. It's one of the few places I've been where I'm the one with the accent. We officially left around 7:30 from the church and arrived here at 4:15 AM. *yawn* It would have been earlier, but Eric accidentally took a wrong turn and we went about an hour out of our way. The reason that we took the wrong turn was that we had just stopped at McDonald's (at two in the morning) to get food. Eric (completely convinced that he was playing the part flawlessly) pretended to be a southern hick at the drive through and everyone in the van was cracking up. There is no way the lady believed him, but he never broke character. "Buckshot, son, put that gun down! Yer gonna poke yer eye out!" And "Martha, honey, they don't have milkshakes at two in the mornin'. D'ya wanna Diet Coke?" We were all laughing so hard after we left that he turned onto the wrong road. No one was angry but him and we arrived, felt our way to a couple of rooms in the pitch black, and crashed (clothes and all) until about 10:30.

To be continued...
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