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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Middle School: the only time when trying to kill a person is a sign of affection

I've not been with any members of the Cincinnati group besides the band for most of the weekend. This afternoon, however, I had about 5 hours of free time. I ran into a random girl at the snack shop and we started talking. She asked me to come back to her cabin with her and it turned out that she was from Cincinnati and in the cabin led by Brandae, Kelly, and Kara. It was really fun to hang out with all of them for awhile. I'm not sure how this even started, but before I knew it, I was sitting underneath two middle school girls and being tickled to death. I am very, very ticklish, as any if the hundreds of people who like to poke me in the side can attest to. Somehow it became a game and for at least half an hour at one point and another 10-15 minutes before I left I had anywhere from 2-5 girls sitting on me and tickling my feet and my sides and my neck and my legs. I was laughing so hard that I was crying and screaming and whatever else came out. At some point one girl decided it would be funny to give me a wedgie. The first time it wasn't that bad. The second time I was getting kind of tired if it, but I just brushed it off. The THIRD time though, she pulled my underwear up to the hood of my sweatshirt, ripping it, and making me scream (noisily but wordlessly) in a way I don't think I ever have before. I'm still sore. And then they tickled me and sat on me some more, with everyone standing around watching, and I honestly did start to cry. But I was still laughing, so no one could tell the difference. Finally I yelled something to the effect of, "I REALLY HAVE TO GO BACK TO MY ROOM NOW!" and they let me go. As I was leaving they begged me to come back and stay in their cabin that night, which I refused on the grounds of it already being waaaaay to crowded in that room (which it was). I, in my messy, sweaty haze, ran back to my cabin, collapsed, and hid for awhile. Later a leader said to me, "It's amazing how much those kids like you!" Ha. I had fun hanging out with them, but if I did it on a regular basis I think I would never be able to sit down again and would constantly run out of underwear. Middle school leaders, I admire you all the more. Give me little kids anyday. I put two screaming children to bed tonight and it barely phased me. Those middle schoolers tired me more in two hours than all the little kids I've met have this whole weekend.

Brandae: "Christy, I have never ever heard a noise like that come out of you!"

After dinner a 12-year-old tried to pick me up with some group support from his buddies. That was funny.
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