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Monday, March 27, 2006

Why Saturday night made my trip

Saturday night club was early. It was over by 9:00. Keane and Kaden were asleep, and all of us were free for the evening. First we (the band (Eric, Britt, Larry, Sean & Scott) and myself) had a rousing conversation on Catholicism. Eric, who considered becoming Catholic for awhile, gave explanations for several of their core beliefs that were more clear to me than any other explanation I have been offered. I think that, unfortunately, a lot of these core beliefs have been twisted, which is why I cannot agree with them. Eric also pointed out that the Catholic church is an instrument that God uses to draw people to Himself. However, the devil has infiltrated and twisted the system. This is ALSO true of the Presbyterian church and of every other denomination.

I wish I could communicate this stuff more clearly. I guess my point is that some questions that I have had for a long time were answered and I feel more at peace now than I did before.

Our highly intellectual conversation was interrupted when someone came to tell us that the band needed to move their equipment for "entertainment night" for the campers. After that I went back to the cabin with the band who put together a laptop and an amp of some kind for an almost-theatre-like viewing of Bruce Almighty complete with lots of pop, microwave popcorn and other varieties of junk food. Paul Birkhalter (summer '04 intern) came up to STC to visit since he lives nearby and joined us for the movie. That was pretty cool. The group of us hung out until nearly 1:30 before collapsing into our respective beds. It was great fun.

The end.
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