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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sandwich Inventions

One of my goals in life (ok, so it's not really, but I just decided to say it is) is to invent the perfect sandwich. I realize that, as my favored flavors change almost daily, this is something of an impossible task. I suppose, then, that my goal is to simply come up with an interesting sandwich for whatever seems best on a given occasion. Today I invented the Grilled BAP[P] (Banana, Apple, Peanut butter [pretzel]) sandwich. Peanut butter is quite possibly the greatest food invention ever. The BAP[P] sandwich came into existence when I started to make a peanut butter and banana sandwich for my dinner this evening. (My family went to the Swanks for dinner, but I was left behind.) I decided that peanut butter and banana was a little boring and became curious as to what would happen if I were to heat up the peanut butter and banana in a sauce pan. Half way through my heating I thought it would be good to add apples to the mix. So I mixed up my fruity/peanut-buttery stir fry and spread it (it was kind of mushy) between two pieces of bread. After the first bite I decided that the excessive mushiness was a bit disturbing. To remedy this I squished a few pretzles (a trick I learned at Plunge) into the BAP spread (do you think I could patent that?). This solved the squishiness problem, but the taste was off. Next time I think I will try crispy bacon (making it a BAP[B] sandwich). My mom likes preanut butter, bacon, and banana sandwiches.

The clock says 10:51, but I know that unfortunately soon it will jump an hour ahead and an hour of my sleep will be gone. Phooey.
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Wow..sounds like a reefer madness recipe. No, seriously! I honestly think you could patent the idea. I mean, alot of crap is patented but at least this is edible! Move over JIF...here comes BAP!

11:01 PM  

I still remember that turkey sammich you made while I was at your house. I made it for my family when I got home. Definitely delectable.

9:18 PM  

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