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Friday, November 11, 2005

Greetings from Asbury!

This place is fantastic. I love it. I'm staying in a room with two girls (Tina and Lauren) who are amazing. We had such a blast last night (even though we were up until 2!) Because we were up so late I decided not to get up for breakfast at 7 or the first class at 8. My hosts didn't have class until 1, so they slept in, but I got up and went to a class at 9. Basic Latin. At 10 was chapel (very cool) and then I went to another class (creative non-fiction) at 11. At noon I went to the "prospective" lunch in the Grille where I met a very cool English professor and talked with her for awhile. I'm currently in my hosts' room killing time. I opted not to go to any of the 1:00 classes. Instead I went to the bookstore and got a sweatshirt, stopped back here to check my email, and am on my way to wander the campus for a bit (maybe check out the library). Have a nice day!
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