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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Turning 19 is boring

The teenage years are exciting in that new privileges come with each birthday. Except the final teenage year- 19. Of course, I don't turn 19 for another 8.5 months, nor am I in a particular rush to finish being 18, but it occurred to me recently that turning 19 is boring. Observe:

age 13- You're a teenager! Hurray! You throw have a big birthday party to celebrate the fact that you can now only order off the adult menu at restaurants, you have to pay full price at places like the zoo and the museum, and you can go to PG-13 movies by yourself.

age 14- You can now get a job! Child labor laws prevent you from doing pretty much everything, but you can get paid minimum wage for standing at a cash register (during certain, regulated hours) and taking people's money!

age 15- You can rent a pedal boat from Winton Woods and go out on the lake without an adult. Bwahaha. And in a mere 6 months you can start driving!

age 16- Sweet Sixteen. This year you can get your driver's license, do a lot more stuff at work, shop at the dollar store without an adult, and probably some other stuff that I'm forgetting.

age 17- You can get into R-rated movies by yourself. (I intended to do this once during my 17th year, but never got around to it.)

age 18- You're legal! "Adult!" You can vote and get a driver's license without taking drivers' ed and smoke (though I don't recommend that) and buy lottery tickets and [again] probably other things I'm not thinking of.

age 19- nothing. There's nothing new at age 19. Seeing as many 19-year-olds are new, overwhelmed college freshman, this is probably not all bad. Just boring.
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