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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Este Plus Pulli*

In spite of my rather apathetic classmates, I am enjoying Latin immensely. The problem is that, because of my apathetic classmates, we have to spend an excruciatingly long time on each new concept. Since the teacher copies pages from her (out of print) text book for us every week, I can't even work ahead. I can, however, be an over-achiever in applying what I have learned. I have started to write [very] short stories in Latin on an index card every day, trying to make myself fill the entire card with something and hoping that it makes sense. Sadly, my vocabulary, though increasing, is rather limited. My first story went something like this:

Puer est in villa. Est agricolae amicus. Puer et agricolae filius spectant viros in agro. Agricolae femina dat pueris nuntium. Pueri portant nuntium ad viros. Viri laudant pueros.

A boy is in the farmhouse. He is the farmer's friend. The boy and the farmer's son watch the men in the fields. The farmer's 'woman' (I'm hoping this can also mean 'wife', as I don't know the word for 'wife' yet.) gives the boys a message. The boys carry the message to the men. The men praise the boys.

Look at how much shorter the Latin is than English! It's so much more efficient. Just think of the trees we could save if everyone wrote in Latin!

*Eat More Chicken, according to the 2006 Chick-Fil-A coupon calendars. Apparently this is "pretentious Latin." :P
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