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Monday, November 07, 2005

Odd Ducks

Since I decided to drop debate at the Learning Tree, my co-op day now ends at 1:30. Lisa has classes until 2:30 and Scott until 3, so I've started to drive separately and leave early. Recently (especially since the weather has been so nice) it has become my practice to stop at Winton Woods (since I drive through the park to get home anyway) and sit by the lake for a little while before going home. Sort of my "me" time for the week.

At 2ish in the afternoon, the park is populated by me, some elderly couples walking around the loop, and a whole slew of ducks. The ducks are fantastic. I could sit there watching them for hours. This afternoon there were even more ducks than usual, and they seemed to be sitting around watching one particular crazy duck. This duck was out in the middle of the water presumably attempting to catch something to eat. He would sit very still for awhile before beginning to flap wildly and diving into the water. Shortly after that, he would pop back up, still flapping, and dive in again. It had to be one of the goofiest things I've ever seen. After flapping and flopping several times, he would give up and begin calmly preening himself. Occasionally another duck would swim out to him and quack hesitantly. The crazy duck would then start quacking hysterically and I swear it sounded like maniacal laughter. While I sat there watching, this whole process went on three or four times. It was quite entertaining. You might want to look out for crazy ducks, though. They may be conspiring with cats to take over the world.

On an unrelated topic, here is an amusing website by a lady who scams Nigerian scammers. She gives them a taste of their own medicine, so to speak. Enjoy!
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