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Sunday, September 17, 2006

T is for Team Spirit

This afternoon I sat in my room watching the Bengals game (with a Browns fan and a Broncos fan whose dad doesn't like the Bengals) feeling very alone in my fandom, and thought about my family at the game and periodically moaned 'woe is me, how I wish I could be there too.' So, to console myself, I ordered a bright orange 'who dey' hoodie from Amazon.com for quite a bargain. When I was at home everyone cheered for the Bengals, but now that I'm in the middle of Kentucky where there is no football team and everyone has a different favorite, I feel a need to make my loyalties known. Hooray for Cincinnati! If I'm lucky, it will get here in time for next week's game. We shall see.

TV Announcer: It's Oktoberfest here in Cincinnati...
Sam (a few minutes later): But it's September...
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Don't blame Cincinnati for having Oktoberfest in September. That's when most of them are held, including the "real" one in Munich. Apparently it was originally held in October, but was moved to September to take advantage of the weather. (I was hoping for a more interesting reason.)

In Munich, it's a 2 week long deal ending the first Sunday in October. The central theme at all Oktoberfests appears to be the same: beer!

9:20 AM  

Go Browns.

9:01 PM  

I agree with Sam. It is September therefor I think octoberfest should be in October. Its to bad Heather won't let us gloat.....

8:55 AM  

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