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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

M is for Music

Written in my journal 7/9/06:

I like music with lots of layers. Sometimes when I'm tired or sad or just want to block out the world for a bit, I like to put in my headphones and listen to the layers. First I will just listen to the whole song as it recommends itself to me, hearing the words, or the melody, or whatever else stands out the most. But in later listenings I concentrate on the harmony or the bass or the countermelody or the percussion or the celli or the trumpets and each little bit of what makes the song flesh out as a whole. I try to hear how the parts interact with each other and add to the total effect. They bring images to my mind and I often picture drifting among different layers of colors, each part rushing over me like water and carrying me with its current for a time (imagine the 'pure music' part of Fantasia)...

...I think this is why I so dislike 'easy listening' music. It is as shallow as a poorly written book character or a stereotypical teenage cheerleader. Bo-ring!

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