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Saturday, August 19, 2006

N is for New Beginnings

When I left for Asbury College on Thursday morning I was about 25% excited and 75% nervous. Now that I've been here 48 hours, I am at least 95% excited and only 5% nervous. I love this place! The dorm is great and my roommate, Sam, is fantastic. We met at the scholarship competition and decided to room together, so I knew here a little bit before getting here, but I think this is going to work out really well. We've gotten along great so far and hopefully we'll be able to work through any future difficulties without too much trouble.

Moving in and orientation has kept me pretty busy, so I haven't had much time to pause for things like blogging (or journaling or even much sitting) yet. I imagine I will fall into some sort of routine once classes actually start. Right now I have about an hour break while the majority of people are taking a language placement test. Since I've only has one year of Latin and am definitely going to be in the 101 class I didn't have to take it. : )

My room:

Sam and I both felt like we had brought a ton of stuff, but we actually have a ton of space (due, at least in part, to bunking the beds). I felt better when I saw that some girls had brought even more stuff than me.

My desk:

I wonder how long I will be at all organized. :P
posted by Christy at 10:59 AM


What a beautiful room! You are a fine decorator.

10:44 PM  

Mine's better.

1:00 PM  

your space... staying clean?!?! yeah right. you don't fool me for one minute!
....the viper......

3:07 PM  

So I'm sure you were referring to me when you saw girls with more stuff...yup yup yup that's definitly me!! LoL I'm so glad we finally got everything arranged so I feel like I can breathe!! Feel free to stop by!!


4:14 PM  

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