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Friday, July 21, 2006

News, Shoes, and Blue Jean Blues


  • Asbury rooming information has finally been sent out and not only did I get into the dorm I wanted, but my dear friend Heather is only TWO doors away! I had a very excellent birthday, but hearing that definitely made my day, and possibly even my entire summer.

  • My family is finally getting "for real" internet! Goodbye dial-up, hello wifi. Bwahaha. Everything should be set up by Tuesday and in plenty of time for Blogathon (thank goodness). I was very much dreading blogging with dial-up all day and had been compiling a list of places that offer free wifi. I may visit a few of them anyway, just for fun

  • Za on Ludlow (formerly Uno's) went out of business about a month ago, so don't try to go there for dinner like my family and I did yesterday. We ended up at Dewey's, which is still good, but it's not Uno's.

  • I bought a comforter and sheets at Kohl's yesterday, which I believe makes me completely finished with dorm shopping until I get there. Hooray, I think.

  • Shoes:

  • Actually, I have nothing to say about shoes. I just wanted something that rhymed. Maybe I ought to be more careful.

  • Blue Jean Blues:

  • Wait. Scratch that. I have decided to save this topic for Blogaton. I can rant on blue jeans at will (ask anyone who's ever gone shopping with me) and I think I could quite easily ingite my rage at Aeropostale and Levi's another time. (But I still had to say someting so I could keep the post title.)
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