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Saturday, July 29, 2006

#21 Nothing in Particular

Surprisingly (maybe) it's not the Pride and Prejudice posts, but the ones in between that are the most difficult. P&P posts take longer, but require less thought since I already know how the story goes and what I'm going to say. I have a long list of topic ideas, but a lot of them require more effort than I'm willing to give. Yes, I admit, I'm lazy.

Current Status:
Listening to: I have iTunes on random. Right now it's playing "The Hunter's Purse" from some Celtic CD
Watching: Nothing
Drinking: lots o' water
Wearing: my new American Eagle jeans and my Blogathon 2006 t-shirt
Sitting: in my family room on a card table chair (indian style) with my laptop on a little folding table in front of me
Eating: nothing at the moment, but I think we're having lasagnia for dinner
Mia (the cat) is: looking out the bay window in the living room
I: have to pee
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