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Saturday, July 29, 2006

#15 Enter: Mr. Wickham

Lydia: "Kitty, would you like to go to Meryton with me to buy a new bonnet?"
Kitty: "Why of course! Sisters, would you like to come?"
Jane: "Alright."
Elizabeth: "Sure."
Mary: "Fine."
Mr. Collins: "You fine ladies must allow me to accompany you. My worthy patroness, the great Lady Catherine De Bourgh, would never approve of lovely ladies walking to town alone."
Lydia: "Whatever."

Mr. Collins: "Dear cousin Elizabeth, do walk with me. We have so much to discuss!"
Elizabeth: "Oh yes, Mr. Collins, for our interests are so similar in every respect." (Inwardly rolls eyes, as her lack of facial features prevents her from doing so outwardly.)

Lydia: "Look, officers! But who is that fine, tall fellow? I don't remember him."
Kitty: "There's Denny, perhaps he will introduce us."

Mr. Wickham: "It is a pleasure to meet all of you. I would never have imagined such a small town would have such lovely ladies."
Elizabeth: "Jane, look! There are Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy. I think they are coming over to greet us! To greet you, I mean. Mr. Bingley wants to see you. I certainly don't care to see Mr. Darcy."

Elizabeth observes Mr. Wickham suddenly looking very pale and Mr. Darcy becoming very angry. Darcy walks away quickly.

Elizabeth: "Do you know Mr. Darcy, Mr. Wickham?"
Mr. Wickham: "Unfortunately, I do. He is a most disagreeable sort of man."
Elizabeth: "That is what everyone here thinks as well. What makes you say so?"
Mr. Wickham: "Darcy and I were boys together. My father was his father's steward. When my father died, his father took me in as if I were his own son. He had intended me for the church and left me a valuable living when he died. But when I went to claim the living, Darcy denied me flat out. I have despised him ever since. But for him I might have been living a comfortable life instead of crawling through life as an officer."
Elizabeth: "You poor man! How horrid that Mr. Darcy is!"

Lydia: "Mr. Wickham, are you coming to the Netherfield ball? All the officers and everyone in town will be there. You simply must come!"
Elizabeth: "A certain other gentleman will be there as well. That will not deter you, will it?"
Wickham: "Certainly not. If he wishes to avoid me, it is Mr. Darcy who must leave, not me."
Elizbeth: "Good."
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