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Saturday, July 29, 2006

#10 Elizabeth Visits Jane

Yes, I have seen the BBC version and the new one (see a post from a couple weeks ago where I compare the two) as well as read the book 3+ times.


Elizabeth: "Jane is ill! I must go to her!"

Elizabeth: "Mud! Bah! Ah well, I hear it's good for the skin."

Miss Bingley: (under her breath to Darcy) "My goodness, look at all that mud!" (to Elizabeth) "Welcome Miss Bennet! Your sister will be so pleased to see you."

Miss Bingley: "I say, Mr. Darcy, that the way she comes trouncing in here covered in mud must certainly have an affect on your opinion of her 'fine eyes'?"
Mr. Darcy: "Not at all. I find them brightened by the exercise."
Miss Bingley: "Humph."

Elizabeth: "Jane! Jane, are you dead?"
Jane: "Of course not! I'm just going for the damsel in distress thing. Bingley can't resist this!"

Miss Bingley: "You write uncommonly fast Mr. Darcy."
Mr. Darcy: "Of course I do, I have a light saber! Get out of my way."

Elizabeth: "So, Mr. Darcy, tell me your faults."
Mr. Darcy: "My good opinion once lost is lost forever. Plus, I tend to destroy things with my light saber when I'm not paying attention."
Elizabeth: "Not pride?"
Mr. Darcy: "Certainly not."
Elizabeth: "Oh."

Miss Bingley: "Elizabeth, come take a turn about the room with me."
Elizabeth: "Why?"
Miss Bingley: "So Mr. Darcy can look at us, of course!"
Elizabeth: "Oh."
Miss Bingley: "How is dear Jane doing?"
Elizabeth: "She is much better, thank you."
Miss Bingley: "Oh good, I guess that means you can leave now. I want Darcy to myself."
Elizabeth: "Er, ok."
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