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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Saturns and Waltzes

I woke up this morning and looked out my window just in time to see Mom back out of the garage and into the front of my car, which was parked in the driveway. She took off my front license plate and scratched up the front a bit, but (fortunately) nothing worse. I (now that I'm fully awake and am certain that I still have working transportation) find the whole thing rather humerous.

Tonight is the 7th annual Butterfly Kisses Father/Daughter Dance. Several years ago (seven to be exact) one of the men in my parents' reading group (which has since dissolved) decided to organize a dance for fathers and their daughters on a weekend around Valentine's Day with the theme song "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle. Since the first year it has been on the Sunday night before President's Day. Everyone dresses up and we eat and dance and such and it is always considerably more fun than any prom or homecoming dance I've ever been to (and I imagine most of my peers would agree.)

On a similar note, last night I babysat and tried to teach Michael (a 9-year-old) to waltz. It was pretty funny, as I'm not a terribly good waltzer to begin with and he (obviously, since he was the one learning) was worse. We gave up pretty quickly.
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