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Saturday, February 18, 2006

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

Actually it's not. That was sarcasm. It's February. But today really wasn't bad.

I intended to wake up at 7:45 but something in my brain has programmed into me the inability to sleep late if I have anything to do before noon, so I woke up at 7:00. At 8:50ish Mom and I left to drive to Oak Hills High School for Solo & Ensemble contest. I played my solo (the first movement of Bach's Concerto in A Minor, class A) at 10:20 and Becky and I did our duet ("Table Music for Two," class B) at 11:50. We got ones ("Superior ratings") for both. I suspected the duet would get a one, but I was incredibly happy and a bit surprised that my solo did. I played fairly well, but it certainly could have been better. I suspect that the fact that it was Bach combined with the fact that I had it memorized are what gave me the Superior rating.

I know many people (my mother included) get bored waiting around at contest all day, but I enjoy it. If I had been there by myself I would have liked to stay longer and hear some of the vocal solos. There's something exciting about the hussle and bussle of students and instruments and judges, all mixed in with adrenaline and nerves (especially when my own nerves are behind me). The whole experience was rather surreal this year. I just got home a couple of hours ago, but I can barely remember it. But I got my medal (even though I had to pay $3 for it. It's pretty darn ridiculous that after you earn the medal you have to pay for it), and life is good.

I made a mix of my favorite songs from all the musicals Finneytown has done from 2003-2006 (that would be, the years I was in high school). Guys and Dolls, Working, Cinderella, and Annie Get Your Gun. Good stuff. Musicals make me happy. While I was laying in bed last night trying to fall asleep I created the following "Christy's Musical Awards" (out of the four musicals I have been a part of):

Best Musical (in regards to music, lyrics, and story): Guys and Dolls

Best Performance by FHS: Cinderella

Best Violin Part: Cinderella (the waltzes especially)

Best Message: Working

Most Mishaps: Cinderella (though Annie Get Your Gun was a close second, and Working a fairly close third)

Most fun to sing: Annie Get Your Gun

Best Song From Each Musical: "Luck Be a Lady," Guys and Dolls; "Something to Point to," Working; "In My Own Little Corner," Cinderella; "Can't Get a Man With a Gun," Annie Get Your Gun

Best Love Song: "Ten Minutes," Cinderella (it gets this award partially because it was so much fun to play)

Best Song to Play on Violin: "Guys and Dolls Reprise (Finale)," Guys and Dolls

Funniest Song: "Anything You Can Do," Annie Get Your Gun

Hardest Song to Play: "Luck Be a Lady," Guys and Dolls

Best Song That Got Cut from the FHS Production: "Neat to Be a Newsboy," Working

Best Instrumental Piece: "Waltz for a Ball," Cinderella

Worst Instrumental Song: "The Search," Cinderella

Hardest Pit Score: Guys and Dolls

Easiest Pit Score: Working (because there wasn't really one, Mr. Canter just took parts from the piano)

Best Foreign Language Song (never mind that it was the only one): "Un Mejor Dia Vendra," Working

That's all for now. Have a nice evening. : )
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Yeah i think now would be a good time to study..i studied like crazy last sunday because i thought the test was on that monday. so now i'm gonna go study. Have a good day. (:

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